GeoAI: Applying Machine Learning and Deep Learning to Geospatial Data, Tuesday February 11, 10:00am EST

Speaker: Rohit Singh, Managing Director, Esri AI R&D Center, New Delhi

The intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and GIS is creating massive opportunities that weren't possible before. AI, machine learning and deep learning are helping us make a better world by helping increase crop yield through precision agriculture, in fighting crime by deploying predictive policing models, or predicting when the next big storm will hit and being better equipped to handle it. One area of AI that has emerged in recent years is deep learning, and it has done exceedingly well in computer vision tasks. This is particularly useful for GIS, as satellite, aerial and drone imagery is being produced at a rate that makes it impossible to analyse and derive insight in a timely manner through traditional means. This demo-rich session will showcase several examples of applying AI, machine learning, and deep learning to geospatial data. We will cover several scenarios of applying AI techniques to geospatial data, such as:

      • Computer vision tasks and their applications to remote sensing and GIS
      • Detecting objects in aerial and oriented imagery and videos
      • 3D building shapes reconstruction from remote-sensing data
      • Semantic and instance segmentation using satellite imagery and models such as U-Net and Mask R-CNN
      • Road and building footprint extraction from satellite imagery
      • Enhancing imagery using super-resolution networks and increasing the clarity and zoom levels
      • Generating maps from satellite imagery using GANs
      • Map art generation and cartographic style transfer using neural style transfer
      • Applications of deep learning to 3d geospatial data including point clouds and integrated 3D meshes
      • Applying reinforcement learning for predictive policing
      • Natural language processing to extract geospatial information from unstructured text 


Speaker’s Bio:

As the managing director of Esri's AI R&D Center in New Delhi, Rohit Singh leads the development of data science, deep learning and geospatial AI solutions in the ArcGIS platform. Rohit is passionate about deep learning and its intersection with geospatial data and satellite imagery. He isa graduate of Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, and has worked at computer vision startups and IBM before joining Esri, where he conceptualized, designed and developed ArcGISPython API, ArcObjects Java, ArcGIS Engine Java API and ArcGIS Enterprise (Linux).

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